Update 0.6

Changes and Additions


  • Tightened up character controls when turning at high speeds.

  • Updated controls menu to reflect current controls.

  • Moving platforms now behave more consistently

    • Rocks will no longer dig behind you while sitting still on a moving platform.

    • Characters will now leave their rolling animation and go into their idle while standing on a moving platform.

    • Snake rocks now remain in the correct relative position.


  • New Procedural Gauntlet presets for Easy, Medium and Hard variations

    • This affects overall Gauntlet length, the difficulty of the lanes that are spawned and what modifiers can be stacked on top of them.

    • Allowed all possible lanes in Gauntlet procedural to sometimes be Icy or Dark.

  • Added more lane types to the Procedural Gauntlet possibilities.

  • Altered a Gauntlet train path to be more predictable.

  • Player graves will now be in camera focus when they die in Gauntlet, causing less erratic camera movement on death and keeping the focus on rescuing your friends.

  • You can now re-enter the safety of checkpoints after leaving them.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved load times for all levels.

  • Improved memory usage for AI pathfinding.

Unity Version Upgrade-

  • We’ve updated Unity versions again, this time to fix issues with incorrect colour settings in all our animations. What does this mean for you? Stuff like less weird browns that are supposed to be red! I hope you didn’t like brown.

Visual Improvements


  • Work is nearly complete on Harvest Hell- See above gif for comparison.

  • Frozen Fjord too is almost complete, see below.


  • Improved the look of the Time Bubble ability again with a change for its textures and intensity, making it more clearly visible in different situations.

    • Added a deactivation animation for when the power ends, rather than just disappearing.



  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour when both Finders Keepers and Deadly Meteors were active at the same time.

  • Dead Meteors will no longer kill you if you disable the modifier while the meteor is falling.

  • Stopped occasional slowdown from errors while using Snake Rocks modifier.

  • Stopped occasional error and crash when using “Next Map” option after a game of Hunt.

  • Stopped error and crash when using both Overload and Finders Keepers and collecting a powerup.

  • Characters now change their speed immediately if you alter that modifier while playing the game, they would previously wait until respawn.

  • Raised height of colliders in Frozen Fjord to stop the Rock Barrier powerup from travelling between lanes.

  • Laser Walls in Gauntlet now slightly push players back from them to stop players from reviving through to the other side.

  • Camera framing now updates after changing render resolution.

  • Snake Rocks no longer float in the air if the player jumps.


  • Changing monitor display in Graphics Settings now works if you’re running at native resolution.


  • Improved look of player Ghosts, making them more easily visible in different environments.

  • Fixed broken effect, improving the look of Frost Nova, Time Bubble and Level Up.

  • Stopped Player Ghost smoke trails moving erratically when falling off ledges.

  • Powerup meteors which have already landed now explode when all powerups are disabled instead of just disappearing.

  • Removed incorrect in world lane labels in Gauntlet.

  • Objects on the Harvester in Harvest Hell now stop moving when the game is over.

  • Fixed issue with terrain in some Hunt levels that would stop certain effects from rendering.

  • Stopped Time Bubble sound from playing after it has finished.

  • Stopped Bear spawn indicator from being visible after Bear has spawned.

  • Stopped player Critters from staying in the air if they died while being knocked up by Shockwave.

  • Disconnect indicator no longer gets stuck on if a player disconnects, causing an end of game in Hunt.


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