Update 1: Post Release Fixes!

Hi everyone!

First off, a huge thanks from the team to all of you who have been playing HOT PINK so far. It’s great to see y’all enjoying it and even giving us a run at our high scores. It’s been nearly a week now, and we’ve been working since launch on some fixes.

Please keep sharing your thoughts as you play, positive or negative as it’s all been very helpful! We’ll post a follow-up after these patch notes soon going over some of our thoughts on plans for post release plans for HOT PINK.

Changes and Additions


  • In-Game Spicy/Mild/Cool Challenges no longer have their Reward value multiplied by your Combo metre.
    • Other score rewards for various block breaks, point pickups and the combo multiplier have been altered to make up for the difference.
    • This should result in a more consistent, skill based final score rather than getting lucky on high value challenges completing at the right time.
    • As this change should be simply leveling the skill/luck output for your final score, we are not resetting the leaderboard for this change.
  • Blocks will no longer be able to take any damage if they have not yet entered the gameplay space.

Performance Improvements

  • Added an automatic FPS lock for the game while in menus (60fps) and while the game window is not in focus (15fps). The framerate while playing remains uncapped.
    • This will make HOT PINK a lot more reasonable to leave running in the background without stealing all your computer’s stuff.



  • Improved Ball/Block hit detection and bounce direction consistency.
  • Stopped rare instances of the camera drifting away from the gameplay space.
  • “Magician” Challenge/Achievement now triggers for the correct number of balls.


  • Fixed Settings not being saved on Linux and OSX.
  • Stopped the Scoreboard from sometimes being offset vertically when you load it in the Stats menu.
  • Put a stop to some cases of your new Highscore not being reflected immediately in the Scoreboard in the post game UI.
  • Percentage completed on Challenges in the Stats menu should now reflect your progress and not just rest at 0% until completion
    • Players on Steam will now also see this reflected in the progress towards Steam achievements for these Challenges.
  • Playing on Steam will no longer reset your scoreboard name to your Steam name every time you start the game.
    • To fix this properly, the next time you complete a game you will be asked again to enter your desired name for the scoreboard.
  • Stopped the Scoreboard from duplicating the last player within the viewable positions.


  • “Play Game” text prompts will now properly cycle after each new game.


HOT PINK 1.1 Linux.zip 83 MB
May 30, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1 Mac.zip 65 MB
May 30, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1 Win32.zip 61 MB
May 30, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1 Win64.zip 63 MB
May 30, 2018


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