Update 3: Mainly Offline Fixes

Hello all! Some more fixes and tweaks for you today.

Changes and Additions


  • The audio pitch ramping for hitting and destroying blocks should now decrease faster in between events, so the sound will less often be stuck at a very high pitch.
  • Improved visual transition of the planets rings into open space.


  • World Rank tier will now default to the lowest ranking instead of the middle one while playing offline.



  • Slightly improved consistency of ball physics.


  • Stopped player from getting stuck in the post game name screen while playing offline.
  • Stats values will now correctly load into the Account menu even if you quickly rush into it after the game launches.
  • The values for your previous and current Average score should now be accurate when switching between DRM free and Steam version or online and offline.
  • Loading visuals should now be visible in the Stats screen if viewed while paused.


HOT PINK 1.1.2 Linux.zip 83 MB
Jun 07, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.2 Mac.zip 65 MB
Jun 07, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.2 Win32.zip 61 MB
Jun 07, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.2 Win64.zip 63 MB
Jun 07, 2018


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