Update 2: Fixes Fixes

Hi again!

Not all of our fixes in the last update came out the way we wanted, and some had a few nasty side effects so we’re here today to clean up!

Changes and Additions


  • You can now press R on the keyboard to start a new game.
  • Added 3 new achievements
    • Too Close - Perform 5 dangerously low brick breaks.
    • Thirsty - In 1 game collect 100 point drops, don’t lose any.
    • Now It Begins - Hit the Play button 5 times.


  • Reworded “Second Highest Score” notification popup to “Second Highest Personal Best” to make it more clear.



  • Lots of block explosions while playing on the Steam version should no longer temporarily hang the game. (Thanks to Silentstorm on the Steam forums for bringing this to our attention!).
  • Fixed one block row group type from not shutting down its rotation when you destroy its core.


  • We’ve taken another swing at stopping playing on Steam from renaming your Scoreboard ID, you should now be able to change your name in the Stats menu and have it stick.
  • Improved accuracy of Stat and Achievement tracking
  • The Global Tier Chevron and Account Level Number will no longer be clickable in the post game as this resulted in hiding their descriptions.
  • Global leaderboard should now always focus on your position upon loading it
  • Friends Leaderboard should now always focus on your position when loading it


HOT PINK 1.1.1 Linux.zip 83 MB
Jun 01, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.1 Mac.zip 67 MB
Jun 01, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.1 Win32.zip 61 MB
Jun 01, 2018
HOT PINK 1.1.1 Win64.zip 63 MB
Jun 01, 2018


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